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Dr. Akshay Tiwari


Shalimar Bagh Delhi

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Fee: 1000

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About the Doctor

Dr. Akshay Tiwari is the Head of Musculoskeletal Surgical Oncology at Max Institute of Cancer Care, Max Superspeciality Hospital, Saket. He is a fellowship-trained Musculoskeletal/ Orthopaedic oncologist and has been exclusively involved for more than a decade in the care of patients suffering from cancers/ tumors of bone and soft tissue. Extensively trained in this highly specialized field, his areas of interest are primary malignant bone tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, benign aggressive bone tumors, and metastatic bone disease. Dr. Akshay is credited with setting up the first exclusive Musculoskeletal/ Orthopaedic oncology unit in  Delhi- NCR and has performed more than 1500 surgeries exclusively for patients suffering from bone and soft tissue tumors.  The first Stryker Nav 3 Navigation system for orthopedic oncology in India was set up at Max Institute of Cancer Care, Saket, and its use was pioneered by Dr. Akshay Tiwari.

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  • MBBS

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