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Doctors > Dr. A.K. Kriplani

Dr. A.K. Kriplani

General Surgery

He has 35 Years of experience

B-16, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi, 110016

Waiting Time : 4-5 Min


Fee: 1000

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About the Doctor

Dr. A. K. Kriplani is a leading and nationally recognized Laparoscopic and Gastrointestinal surgeon. He is one of the first surgeons to introduce laparoscopic surgery to the Indian Sub-continent. He has extensive experience and specialized in Laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgeries including anti-reflux procedures, gastric and esophageal surgery, and colonic resections. He is known to be first in the country to perform laparoscopic adrenalectomy, laparoscopic splenectomy, and laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy for renal transplants.

img Education

  • MBBS
  • MS

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