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5 Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy During The Festive Season

Never in my life have I met a person who doesn’t love festivals. All of us love festivals and especially children who eagerly wait for the festive season as it means school holidays, lots of sweets and more fun. They start planning and preparing for the festivals long before they have come. Festivals bring with them happiness and prosperity but apart from these they also bring increased risks of infections and diseases. As per the leading paediatricians in Noida, Children are very likely to fall sick during the festive season and this calls for the need of some important measures to ensure that your child is able to enjoy the festivities without compromising with his/her health.

When children fall sick, it not only affects them but their parents as children, are not capable of looking after themselves and require extra care. One of the major concerns of the parents with this regard is choosing the best doctors for kids. However, with the help of Finding Doc, you can easily find the right doctor and book an appointment with him/her as per your requirement.

During festivals you are mostly occupied with the guests, preparing meals, decorating your home and other work. The increased workload makes it quite difficult to keep an eye on your children and what they are eating. A lot of children tend to overeat and then complain of stomach ache. Infections like cough and flu are also very common. The best paediatric doctors in Noida specialise in treating all kinds of problems that affect children during festivals as well as on a regular basis.

How can you help your child?

Here are 5 tips recommended by the best child doctor in Noida to ensure your child’s health and well-being during festivals:

Educate your child. Although this may seem to be useless as children will do what they want to do and won’t even remember most of what you tell them. Make this more interesting for them by sharing your own childhood experiences and stories. If you are parenting two or more children, ask the elder one to look after the rest. The sense of responsibility will automatically make them more cautious and careful.

Proper sleep is important. Make sure that your child completes his/her sleep. A lot of children tend to sleep late during festivals either due to excessive noise or owing to their excitement. Sleep is very important to give their body some time to rest as they tend to spend most of their day playing which can be quite exhausting. If possible make your child understand the importance of sleep and how important it is for their growth. Proper sleep is also important for your child’s mental well-being as a lack of proper sleep can lead to irritation and annoyance.

Focus on hygiene. During festivals, it is very likely for your child to come in contact with dust and dirt particles. Make sure you bathe your child and change their clothes every day. Ask them to wash their hands before consuming anything. Children above 8 years may also be given their hand sanitizer.

Hydration is the key. This is very important to prevent your nasal passage from drying. As such the mucus remains moist and can be easily removed by blowing the nose. If not removed, this mucus can lead to increased risk of infection.

Do not smoke around your child. Although one should not smoke around a child at all, it becomes even more important during the festive season when there is already a considerable increase in the pollution level. This can lead to breathing problems and respiratory tract infections that can prove to be fatal.

In case your child is allergic to dust and dirt, make him/her stay indoors. Consult a paediatrician and start anti-allergic med on his/her prescription.

Follow these simple steps and make this festive season worth remembering for your child.