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How To Maintain Oral Health During The Festive Season

What is the thing that you love most about festivals? Some will say light and colours while others will say a day off from work but that we all love alike. Food. Back in the old days, women would spend hours or rather days preparing fancy meals and delicacies which mostly included a variety of sweets. Sweets and festivals share an inseparable bond. In fact, festivals are incomplete without sweets. Even the most health-conscious people will not be able to resist taking a bite of their favourite sweet.

As per the best dentists in Noida, there is a considerable increase in the number of patients with oral health issues during and after the festive season. The culprit? Sweets. Jalebi, Laddu, Rabri, Peda and what not. For a sweet-toothed person like me, it is like a dream come true. But dental problems can turn these dreams into a nightmare and make you regret ever piece of sweet you ate.

Oral health problems can affect people of any age group be it children or adults and can be quite painful especially cavities. Hence it becomes very important to see a doctor.

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Steps to maintain healthy oral health:

Brush your teeth properly. Eating fewer sweets isn’t going to be of any help as it is not the quantity of sweets but the time for which it sits in the mouth that matters. When you eat sweets between meals they are likely to stick to your teeth for a longer period of time. Eating sweets during mealtime can help to neutralise the acids present in our mouth and rinse the remaining particles of sweets by increased production of saliva.

Avoid eating caramels based sweets and toffees as these are more likely to stick to your teeth and get stuck. Sometimes even regular brushing fails to remove these. Keep these away from children.

Avoid juices and drinks containing preservatives. Drink fresh home-made juice and serve it to your guests as well. People also tend to drink a lot of alcohol during festivals. Alcohol consumption is a leading cause of oral cancer and many chronic infections and diseases.

Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times in a day to remove the suspended food particles and kill acid-producing germs. Floss your teeth properly before sleeping to make sure nothing is left behind. Cleanse your mouth with normal water after every meal.

Drink lots and lots of water. This helps to keep your teeth clean by flushing down all the food particles. This also helps to keep your gums strong and fight bad breath.

Chew sugarless chewing gum to elevate the production of saliva.

Most importantly, educate your children about the importance of healthy oral health and give then healthy home-cooked sweets instead of handing candies and chocolates. Hard candies can lead to chipped teeth which make it easier for the plaque to reach the roots thus leading to cavities. Lay emphasis on the importance of brushing teeth regularly.

Regular dental check-ups are also important as they help to detect any kind of oral problem and treat it while there is still time.

All these tips can minimize your chances of acquiring dental problems, not only during the festive season but in general. Little precautions and changes in lifestyle can go a long way in maintaining good oral health and give you a beautiful, and radiant smile.