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Finding Doc is for patients

We believe in innovations.
We believe that everyone deserves excellent medical care, and there's no better way than to put you first. We started our healthcare portal by offering you online appointments, and since then, we haven't stopped designing patient-centric solutions.

Finding Doc is here for you.
We provide you with an extensive network of well-qualified and experienced doctors across India for all types of medical conditions. Our network of thousands of doctors, specialists, and medical healthcare providers has made Finding Doc one of the largest digital platforms for medical professionals and an invaluable tool for saving lives.

When you visit Finding Doc, you can search for various listed doctors along with their verified reviews and see their open appointment times. With simplified registration, booking, payment, and tailored reminders, you can avail our top-notch services.

We assign a case manager that will take care of your every need. They will guide you to the best doctors and hospitals to provide you with a full spectrum of treatment, and follow-up care.

Finding Doc is for the patients and in your challenging time, we stand together with you.